Wes Kozeny is an attorney who has practiced for over 30 years representing both plaintiffs and defendants and has completed the requirements set forth in Missouri Supreme Court Rules 17 and 88 to serve as a mediator in both civil matters as well as domestic relations matters.  Mr. Kozeny is also on the panels for the Eastern and Western District federal courts in the State of Missouri, as well as United States Arbitration & Mediation.  He is willing to travel anywhere in the state of Missouri to handle a mediation and will be happy to discuss discounted hourly rates, flat rates and pro bono services depending on the type of matter and any exigent circumstances involved.

Wes is an entrepreneur and businessman.  He has started, built, acquired, operated and sold various businesses throughout his career.  Disputes both internally and externally are an inevitable reality when actively conducting any business.  With this perspective, Wes has served clients as an attorney and has represented all constituencies in business transactions from time to time.  This experience as a practitioner and businessman make him a strong choice to assist in resolution of any business dispute.

Other areas of expertise and experience include real estate disputes, title disputes, mortgage banking and lending.

Wes brings a calm, pleasant and logical demeanor to any dispute offering disputants a process that is respectful, empowering, fair and facilitative.

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